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ASCA 2024 Webinar Series

ASCA's webinars cover a variety of topics, including patient-centered care, infection prevention, beneficial financial practices, risk management, human resources and more.
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  • HVAC and Infection Prevention in Your ASC

    Discuss the critical role your ASC’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system plays in your facility....

  • In Search of Excellence—Clinical Benchmarking

    Focus on the value of clinical benchmarking, from an internal and external perspective....

  • Manage Digital Distractions in the OR; Refocus on Patient-Centered Care

    Join this session to explore ways we can work together in the surgical suite to mediate the negative effects of electronic distractions....

  • Maximize the Benefits of Your Multigenerational Workforce

    This session will discuss the key characteristics of each generation, intersectionality and how to identify your own unconscious bias....

  • Risk Management and Quality: Forever Partners

    Learn from real-life events how to improve processes, safety and outcomes by integrating assessment, monitoring and taking action....

  • Strategies to Prevent ASC Staff Burnout

    Short description is not available at this time...

  • Use Financial Benchmarking to Support Your ASC’s Financial and Operational Health

    Discuss the financial benchmarks successful ASC managers rely on, where to get them and how to use them effectively to improve your operations and the financial well-being of your center....

  • Use Your Financial Statements to Boost Efficiency and Profitability

    This session provides hands-on experience with the financials you receive every month and suggestions on important, lesser-known reports you should be getting and using....

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Jan Allison
National Cardiovascular Partners

Terry Bohlke
Vice President, Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Community Health Systems

John Goehle
Chief Operating Officer
Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies

Jay Hall
Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care

Sandra Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Ambulatory Strategies

Heather Lambert
Director of People Experience
Valiant Integrated Services

Deborah Mack
QRS Solutions

Peter Papadakos
Director, Critical Care Medicine
University of Rochester

Becky Ziegler-Otis
Regulatory/Accreditation Specialist
Wausau Surgery Center

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